Seymour Historical Society Scholarship Fund

Established in 2018 by the Seymour Historical Society.

One of the most valuable lessons in preserving the past is investing in the future. That is why the Seymour Historical Society wanted to share with young people its special appreciation for local history by establishing the Seymour Historical Society Scholarship Fund with the Valley Community Foundation (VCF).

The Historical Society has a long history of working with VCF,including the Foundation's grant support for educational and historical programming. Carolyn Ivanoff, Seymour Historical Society Board member, said, "When we decided to establish a scholarship fund, VCF immediately came to mind. VCF manages the other scholarships for Seymour High School and we knew the fund would be invested to protect the principal so that it could exist in perpetuity."

"We're thrilled to be able to offer this scholarship to a successful student graduating from Seymour High School," Carolyn added. "This fund reinforces the Historical Society's ongoing commitment to education, our community, and our future. By endowing this fund at VCF, we will be able to support and encourage Seymour students who personify our mission to preserve and appreciate local history for years to come."

The Seymour Historical Society Scholarship Fund will award a scholarship each year to a graduating Seymour High School student going on to higher education in pursuit of a history or government-related degree. The recipient will be selected by the scholarship committee at the high school.

The Historical Society's Board unanimously supported the decision to establish the fund at VCF. "We had a very positive experience in this process," Carolyn said. "It was straightforward and we were able to easily work through the details of what we wanted to accomplish. It is our hope that scholarship award recipients will share what they learn with others to help keep knowledge of the past alive for future generations."

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Seymour Historical Society Scholarship Fund