Shelton High School Scholarship Funds

Est. 2014 to provide scholarships to Shelton High School students.

Shelton High School is another Valley educational institution to entrust the management of Scholarship and Award Funds to VCF. The purpose of this partnership is to build a substantial scholarship and recognition program to recognize Shelton High School students for their hard work as they pursue higher education.

Dr. Beth A. Smith, Headmaster of Shelton High School, said, "Shelton High School is a learning community with high academic and behavioral expectations. We believe it is important to celebrate student achievement and to recognize those students who have met our standards. It is my firm belief that this move will achieve the goal of sustainability for our awards programs, which will continue to benefit the students of Shelton High School."

School leaders routinely communicate to students the importance of community service and of giving back to their community. Shelton High School's donors who have continuously supported student recognition programs, are a true testament to the importance of not only caring for current students but the future generation as well. This partnership with VCF is a major step of collective public philanthropy to support the quality of Shelton's education programs.

Shelton's Superintendent of Schools, Freeman Burr, envisions a collection of philanthropic funds that will be dedicated to impacting the quality of education in Shelton. The funds provide financial support broken down into four pillars of investment: student award and scholarships; teacher creativity, innovation and resources; early childhood; and quality time, such as before and after school programs and summer programs. This framework will allow interested members of the community to fund specific areas that they are passionate about and want to support.

Instead of earning little interest in a savings account, Shelton High School's scholarship and award funds will now be professionally managed. Donors will have a choice to set up a permanent award or one that will be spent down over time. Criteria and selection processes will remain between the donor and the school, and Shelton High School will continue to coordinate the selection committees and recipient notification.

VCF has the ability to make giving to the Shelton schools easy. We can now assist those who want to give back to the community and benefit Shelton students by accepting a wide variety of giving options, allowing school administration to focus on school matters. Through this partnership with Shelton High School, VCF will work to ensure the scholarship and award funds remain a viable philanthropic vehicle benefitting Shelton students for years to come.

Funds include:

  • Stephen and Emily Chuckta Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Domorod-Youd Shelton High School Scholarship Fund
  • Lillian Pawlowski Fund
  • Howard Tassitano Fund
  • John J. Wabuda Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Shelton High School Endowed Scholarship Funds
  • Shelton High School Non-Endowed Scholarship Funds

To give to one of these funds, please visit our funds page.