Shelton Historical Society Endowment Fund

Est. in 2015 as a revocable organization fund.

Wilson Barn
The 19th-century Wilson Barn is located at the historical society. Contributed photo.

The Shelton Historical Society (SHS) preserves elements of the community's history in order to create lasting and meaningful connections between Shelton's past, present and future generations. By maintaining a museum and providing a voice in the community regarding matters of historical significance, the Society strives to build an awareness of and appreciation for the rich 300 years of history through educational programs for both young and old.

To help ensure their future of preserving the past, the Society's staff and Board began researching options that could provide SHS with a long term sustainability plan. "We explored several different alternatives, and found that creating an endowment fund with VCF could assist us in reaching our long term goals," said SHS Board President Marty Coughlin. "We worked with both the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and VCF on a number of grants for renovations to our buildings and educational offerings. Then we learned VCF could also provide endowment management. This was a logical next step in our partnership."

Whether it's educating grade school classes about such things as how food didn't always come from a supermarket, or how butter used to be churned for hours before it could be used, SHS wants to offer community events and programming to share the way of life from the early 1700's to the present for years to come. SHS also shows how people interacted with each other years ago and the ways in which Shelton evolved from a rural agricultural area to the thriving city it has become.

"At the Historical Society, we often say a community that forgets its past loses its soul," said Marty. "We preserve the items and experiences of the past so their legacies can endure for future generations. In a way, both VCF and the Historical Society are in the business of preserving the memories of the past so the legacy of those who called the Valley home can live on. We are pleased to be able to create this Fund to help SHS do its part to sustain and share Shelton's rich heritage."

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Shelton Historical Society Endowment Fund