Shelton Land Conservation Trust Fund

Est. 2019 as a revocable organization fund by a transfer of assets to benefit the Shelton Land Conservation Trust.

Shelton Land Trust Contributed

The Shelton Land Conservation Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of open spaces in the City of Shelton. The Trust's members and officers are people who work to save streams, ponds, woodlands, and marshes for native wildlife and for the enjoyment and education of everyone.

"There is something special about the Valley and how everyone has a part to play in making the Valley an attractive place to live and recreate," said Joseph (Joe) Welsh, President of the Shelton Land Conservation. "Being part of the land trust is just one piece in a larger puzzle."

"Being a part of land conservation, our eyes are always set on long-term goals and we work hard to protect our organization," he added. "When it came to our financial assets it was equally important to protect the assets that enable the organization to run."

Board member and Vice President of the Land Trust, Ed McCreery, knew about the work of the Valley Community Foundation (VCF), its ability to hold the assets of nonprofits, and have them invested in a $600 million pool as a result of his affiliation with a number of VCF Board members. "Our assets were getting very little return and I thought it would be a good opportunity to partner with an organization that invests assets for nonprofits so we could have a diversified investment, no matter our size" Ed said.

Members of the Land Trust Board weighed the opportunities against the concerns after VCF President and CEO, Sharon Closius, was invited to make a presentation. "The land trust has been around since 1969 and our primary goal is to protect land long after we're no longer in our current roles." Joe said. We needed to maintain a comfort level with a move like this and talked about accessibility to funds so that we could act on an acquisition, but still perform our stewardship responsibilities on a small budget."

Through this relationship with VCF, the Shelton Land Conservation Trust Fund will grow the principal through investments and donors now have the ability to help increase the fund through cash and non-traditional gifts such as securities, real estate, and bequests. "Donors see our relationship with VCF and know that the money is in safe hands and well-managed. They can be reassured that the land trust, through this fund, is a good steward of the funds that have been entrusted to us."

Joe added, "We hope everyone thinks about this as an opportunity to be part of something bigger. My colleagues and I want the Shelton Land Conservation Trust to be here to take care of our 370 acres and provide a chance for folks to venture into nature, as well as provide a habitat for wildlife, for generations to come."

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