Smythe Family Fund

Est. 2017 by Marianne and Bradford L. Smythe.

Brad and Marianne Smythe have called Shelton home for 35 of their 46 years of marriage, raised two daughters, and are now enjoying spending time with their grandchildren, who also live in Shelton.

"We have always believed in giving as our faith teaches: feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, and so on," said Brad, an ordained deacon assigned to St. Joseph Parish in Shelton. Brad often sees the needs of those in the Valley community who are ill, lonely, or who lack basic necessities such as food and shelter.

Brad and Marianne have a long history of giving to specific charities, but it was when Marianne was asked to become a member of the Valley Community Foundation's (VCF's) Board Advisory Council and then eventually serve on the Board of Directors that she discovered a new way to give. As the Smythes learned about all the funds that were established by local families, they said to themselves, "We could do that!"

"VCF President and CEO Sharon Closius listened carefully to our vision and helped us select a fund type that made the most sense for our goals," said Marianne. As a financial advisor, Marianne knew that she and Brad could give appreciated stock to start their fund and grow it over time. They also joined the Gates Society, VCF's planned giving community, by naming their family fund as one of the beneficiaries for a percentage of their retirement accounts along with their daughters.

Brad and Marianne said, "While we will continue to give directly to our church and the charities that are important to us, we appreciate that we can make grant recommendations from our fund each year and trust that our wishes will be carried out long after we are gone."

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Smythe Family Fund