Sturgis A. and Madeleine Martin Sobin Family Fund

Lifelong Valley residents Sturgis and Madeleine Sobin grew roots in the community that ran deep and were meaningfully intertwined with the lives of those around them. Their success as community -minded leaders in the Valley came about not only through their natural gifts and hard work, but also through the support they received from their Valley neighbors.

Growing up, the families of both Sturgis and Madeline impressed upon them the importance of educational goals and becoming involved in their community. Their parents led by example by engaging with local Valley organizations.

Sturgis joined his father’s antique furniture restoration business and was nationally recognized as an expert in his field. “The Shop,” as it was affectionately known by locals, served as a gathering place for civic discussion. With much support, Sturgis went on to become a leader in many civic organizations in the Valley, ultimately serving as Mayor for the City of Ansonia.

Encouragement and assistance from family, the community, and shared resources were vital to his success.

Madeleine was able to become a teacher in Derby thanks to local scholarships and her academic achievements. She honored that generosity by volunteering at the Ansonia Public Library for several years. She continued to support many other organizations throughout her life, bringing the generosity she received back full circle to the community she loved. Madeleine would later receive the Luminary Award from Birmingham Health Group Services, now BHcare, for her involvement in the organization’s creation and 30-years of volunteer service.

Sturgis and Madeleine were fortunate enough to realize many of the dreams they had for their children. They saw all five graduate from college and recognized how encouragement from a teacher could spark further learning. The children experienced firsthand how community programs like scouts and library clubs could help develop additional life skills and passions.

Now adults, the Sobin siblings quickly understood how the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) could steward charitable assets and make a difference for organizations and families, including their own. That is why they created the Sturgis A. Sobin and Madeleine Martin Sobin Family Fund in their parents’ memory, which will support the students and teachers at Ansonia High School and Emmett O’Brien Technical High School.

Daughter, Cathy Szanto, said on behalf of the family, “We know this fund will open doors to new opportunities for others. We believe this will lead to the enrichment and betterment of the Valley and we have faith that it will also encourage the next generation of charitable givers. It is our way of reciprocating the support that we received from the community at critical moments in our lives.”

“We cannot thank VCF enough for their assistance in helping us memorialize our parents’ vision,” she added. “We are excited to learn how this fund will be used by the students and teachers that it is dedicated to serving.”

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Sturgis A. and Madeleine Martin Sobin Family Fund