The Ancient Order of the Hibernians, Derby Division Fund

grants will be made from the Fund for Valley students to fulfill our motto of "friendship, unity and Christian charity".

The motto of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians in 1565 was "Friendship, Unity and True Christian Charity." That motto is still strong today at the Derby division of the Ancient order of the Hibernians as they have established a permanent endowed fund with the Valley Community Foundation (VCF).

Division President Timothy Dillon said, "It is our desire that grants will be made from the Fund for Valley students to attend Roman Catholic elementary schools or high schools, and/or to support educational activities that promote understanding among people of different backgrounds, and/or to fulfill our motto of "friendship, unity and Christian charity."

The Ancient Order of the Hibernians has been in existence for nearly 450 years. It was originally established by those of Irish descent to protect the Catholic Church and defend its members from bigoted oppression. The Derby division began in 1981, and is currently open to those persons of Irish Ancestry who are practicing Catholics. "We serve all the Valley towns," said Mr. Dillon, who is also a former Valley Community Foundation board member. "We had received two bequests several years ago but for many years the money just sat in our bank account. Once the VCF was established, we determined that it was a great vehicle for us to channel our funds throughout the Valley wherever they needed to go." It is the Order's goal to have its members add to the Fund individually in the future. "The Valley Community Foundation has done a wonderful job with other organizations such as the Derby Public library in managing and distributing funds through their endowment," said Mr. Dillon. "They truly served our needs perfectly, and we look forward to working with them to continue to grow our Fund for years to come."

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Ancient Order of Hibernians, Derby Division Fund