The First Taxing District and the Mulvoy-Tarlov-Aquino VFW Post 603 Cannon Preservation Fund

Est. 2018 by The First Taxing District of the City of Norwalk.

The Valley's roots are far reaching, and often extend beyond geographic and municipal boundaries. Such is the case with the First Taxing District of the City of Norwalk, who has created the First Taxing District and the Mulvoy-Tarlov-Aquino VFW Post 603 Cannon Preservation Fund at VCF.

The French 155 mm Model 1877 DeBange Cannon and pedestal located on the Historic Norwalk Green, was given to the City of Norwalk by France in 1921. In 1950, Post 603 negotiated with the City and eventually obtained ownership of the cannon, displaying it next to the VFW Building on North Avenue and High Street from 1952-2009. When the building was sold in 2009, VFW Post 603 donated the Cannon to the First Taxing District of Norwalk, which had it restored and prepared for outdoor exhibition. "It is our understanding that this is the last of this model cannons in existence," said VFW Post 603 representative Peter Torrano. "To continue preserving this historic artillery piece that helped maintain freedom in Europe and throughout the world, Post 603 has donated $20,000 for its perpetual care and maintenance."

As part of the restoration process, a long term plan was created for annual upkeep. Inspired by Jamie Cohen's work in restoring the Civil War Monument on the Derby Green, the District staff began exploring various financial options to ensure that the cannon could be maintained in perpetuity. After contacting VCF, the District found the fit it had been searching for.

"We wanted to make the most of the money we had available to ensure that the Cannon would always be maintained," said Dominick Di Gangi, General Manager for the First Taxing District. "After receiving the generous gift from Post 603, we were able to have the District match it dollar for dollar. Establishing a donor designated fund at VCF allowed us to create a financial distribution mechanism to help carry out the recommendations in the cannon's maintenance and preservation plan, both now and in the future."

First Taxing District Board of Commissioners Chairwoman, Marija Bryant, said, "We are so pleased to be able to work with VCF to ensure that this cannon will be well-kept, and continue to have an honored place on the Historic Norwalk Green. It is a solemn reminder of the tremendous sacrifice our veterans have made to keep our nation the home of the free and the brave."

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First Taxing District and the Mulvoy - Tarlov - Aquino VFW Post 603 Cannon Preservation Fund