The Future Fund

Est. 2006 as a preference fund by Arthur H. Bogen to support projects that help in the restoration and preservation of the environment and/or to help people who have suffered childhood trauma to restore their sense of self.

Arthur Bogen has spent much of his life working to protect and preserve the environment. "I believe we all need to be stewards of the earth during our time and place here," said Mr. Bogen. "The environment has not had an easy time of it. We need to look beyond what we can see right now, do no harm, and make a contribution that will help others in the future."

That's why in the fall of 2006, Mr. Bogen established the "Future Fund" at the Valley Community Foundation. The purpose of the Fund is to help the earth, with a preference for scholarships or other support to encourage students interested in the environment, and/or to help people who have experienced childhood trauma restore their sense of self.

"I know first hand the effect abuse can have on people, especially children," said Mr. Bogen. "It's extraordinarily important for them to feel worthy, to have a sense of redemption. They need to know that no matter what they've been through, that they can trust in life. Hopefully this Fund will make a difference for them and help to build back their self-esteem."

Mr. Bogen has a lifelong connection with the Valley. "I know many of the Board members who helped form the Valley Community Foundation, and made it what it is today. I wanted to be someone who supports the VCF and helps them make it strong."

Mr. Bogen's goal is to grow the Future Fund over time. "The earth is going to need all the help we can give it," he said. "I want to thank the Board and its sta? for their dedication in creating the Foundation. Their vision created a resource to help keep the Valley and its people growing stronger each day.

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The Future Fund