The Valley Now: a 2015 Snapshot

A collection of data in 2015 producing a baseline indicators report

For nearly 20 years, the Valley has come together to collect quality of life data throughout the region including the Healthy Valley Report in 1996, the Mt. Auburn Report in 2001, the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center's Community Health Profile and the Valley Cares Report in 2010.

Early in 2014, the Valley Council for Health & Human Services approached the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) with a request to fund an update to the Valley Cares Report. In mid 2014, VCF initiated community conversations to discuss the need for a common-source document which would expand the scope of the Valley Cares Report and provide a comprehensive review of demographic, economic, health and education issues shaping the Valley communities.

VCF committed financial resources to support the collection of the data and the production of this baseline indicators report as the first step in its strategic initiative work.

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