Uncle Joseph's Fund

Est. 2005 as a donor advised fund by Joseph A. Pagliaro, Jr. to honor his late father Joseph Pagliaro Sr and his grandchildren.

Joseph A. Pagliaro, Jr. started and is growing this Fund to honor his father, Joseph Pagliaro, Sr., the founding Chair of the Valley Community Foundation, and his grandchildren, the children of his sister, Michelle Pagliaro Haywood.

Joseph Pagliaro, Jr. has experienced the lower Naugatuck Valley in all its beauty. And he's not just talking about the scenery.

"This is a very caring community," says Pagliaro, who lost his father in a tragic accident in 2004 and experienced an overwhelming outpouring of support. "People in the Valley come together in such a loving way when someone is in need. They surround you and take care of you. Whenever there is crisis, you see that wall being built."

And so, Pagliaro began to add his piece to that wall in 2005 when he established with the Valley Community Foundation the Tyler, Brian, and Zachary Haywood Fund. Named for his young nephews, the Fund was a way for Pagliaro to honor his father Joseph A. Pagliaro, Sr. and the grandchildren of his father, his nephews, now and in years to come.

"Everything in due time," says Pagliaro, speaking of the growing Fund that has been set up to aid women and children when it begins to produce grants. "No one can do everything themselves, that's the beauty of the Valley. We're there for each other. And that 's what this Fund is all about - other people in their time of need."

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Uncle Joseph's Fund