Vartelas-Stamos Family Funds

Est. 2006 to honor the sacrifices made by their parents and grandparents
During the holiday season of December, 2006, the extended family of the late John and Paraskeve Vonetes Vartelas took time to gather together in Ansonia to decide how best to honor the memory of their beloved parents and grandparents, who came to America and the Valley from Greece over a century ago. The attendance at that first meeting was a portent of good things to come, since 41 of the 44 family members who were physically and geographically able to attend, were there.

Their descendants wanted to remember and commemorate John and Paraskeve's sacrifices and selflessness and concern for others. In just over three years, the family accomplished their first goal by reaching, and quickly passing, the $100,000 level they had established at that first meeting. As the family had agreed, upon achieving that benchmark, the Fund has been divided into four Sub-Funds under the family banner. A brief description of each Fund is as follows:

The John and Paraskeve Vartelas "Agape" Fund is intended for general charitable purposes, particularly to those most in need, be it for food, shelter, or medical or emotional needs, with a special emphasis on assisting individuals overcoming obstacles presented to them by virtue of their immigrant experience;

The Mary Vartelas Stamos Fund can also be used by the VCF Board for general charitable purposes, with a preference for grants for Mary's beloved birthplace of Ansonia, and may be combined with the "Agape" Fund;

The Peter Vartelas Ansonia High School Scholarship Fund
is for scholarships to graduating seniors of Ansonia High School based primarily on financial need, school and civic involvement and service to the general community;

The George Vartelas Ansonia High School Scholarship Fund
is for a scholarship to a member of the Ansonia High School football team who demonstrates characteristics of sportsmanship, effort and teamwork.

By reaching this milestone, The Vartelas-Stamos family honors the sacrifices made by their parents and grandparents, two Greek immigrants, who more than a century ago established a new home together in the Valley, and whose legacy of compassion for others will continue in perpetuity as a result of these Funds.

To make a gift to one of the funds listed above, select the fund's name and complete the secure online credit card form.