Walsh Family Fund

Est. 2016 by John J. Walsh

Jack Walsh. Contributed photo.

Jack Walsh is a firm believer in knowing where you came from. It is a belief that has guided him through his years of service to his hometown of Derby.

"I've lived in Derby my entire life, and I always will. And I've always said that if the people who live and work in a town don't have pride in it, don't expect that anyone else will."

Jack's dedication to the Valley region was evident in his role as President & C.O.O. of the Valley United Way, which he retired from in 2016, after 28 years of service. His support for this organization will now live on through the Walsh Family Fund, designated to support the Valley United Way in perpetuity, with one special exception.

"Each year, the Derby Neck Library can request funds to purchase books about Derby's history or the Valley region's history," he said, confessing both his passion for local history and a special appreciation for the Derby Neck Library. "I think we find a lot of the time that people in their own community don't know enough about its history. It's important to keep our stories and traditions alive."

Establishing a fund at the Valley Community Foundation, of which Jack was a founding Advisory Committee member, was just another way to support the region he calls home with an unwavering sense of pride.

"I think in other parts of the country, philanthropy can often be showy; people want to see their names on things," he said. I don't see that in the Valley. People here give because it's the right thing to do."

The designated fund is both a testament to his personal philanthropy as well as his confidence in the continuing success of the Valley, citing a partnership between VCF and Valley United Way over the years to support the health and vitality of
the region as a whole.

"I think the combination of a strong United Way and a strong Community Foundation is important and good for everyone," said Jack.

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