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Childhood Poverty Reduction Community Conversation

Childhood poverty is an ongoing concern in the Valley.


Nov 08, 2021 - Nov 08, 2021




Presented by Sharon Danosky, Danosky & Associates

In 2016, poverty rates for Valley children ages 0 – 17 were 26%; by 2019 that number had grown to 28%. For several areas in Ansonia, Derby, and Naugatuck, those rates increased to between 68 and 80% (pre-pandemic) for children ages 0 to 5. For the past several years, more than 30 community stakeholders, including Valley residents, have been working to reduce childhood poverty.

This video provides a project update from Valley Childhood Poverty Reduction Team Consultant Sharon Danosky, and Team Tri-Chairs VCF Program Officer Valerie Knight-Di Gangi, TEAM Inc. President and CEO David Morgan, and Griffin Hospital Director of Population Health Monica Oris.