Nonprofit Workshops

Governance with an Equity Lens


Sep 30, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021


8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.




Sharon Danosky, Danosky & Associates

The hallmarks of a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive board are not in the diversity statements, or how many people of color represented are on the board; it is in the day to day practices and how recruitment is handled, how board members are oriented, how committees are structured and how meetings and discussions are encouraged. In other words, it is in the routine functioning of a board and how the board incorporates its practices that ultimately determines whether a board is equitable and inclusive.

In a recent article in the Stanford Social Innovator Review, Anne Wallestad, President and CEO of BoardSource, discussed four pillars of purpose-driven boards. In this workshop we will use those pillars as the starting point to foster a discussion about board governance in 2021 and beyond. We will explore how diversity is only one aspect of a larger conversation about equity and power dynamics. We will discuss how the lack of diversity is a symptom of deeper systemic issues, which must be uncovered. We will encourage these conversations and then ask participants to probe deeper and look for specific strategies that can move conversation into action:

  • What is the role of the board chair?
  • How can we develop a process for recruiting board members around purpose and mission?
  • What does an agenda that allows discussion around the nonprofit’s mission look like?
  • How can we use strategy as a means for addressing racial equity?

This workshop will be a combination of presenting ideas and then allow the participants to break into smaller groups to discuss how these idea might function in their own organizations.

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Chung.

About the Presenters

Danosky & Associates is an action-oriented, results driven consulting firm that builds nonprofit capacity, applied through an equity lens with innovative strategies for an ever-emerging future. Learn more