Nonprofit Workshops

Purposeful Boards, Powerful Fundraising

Designed for board-staff teams, this day-long workshop takes a close look at board recruitment, responsibilities, and engagement, and is followed by one-to-one consultation with a local consultant.


Jun 13, 2023


8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Jewish Community Center, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge


Dave Sternberg, CFRM, Loring, Sternberg and Associates

It's never been more important for boards and staff to work together effectively to solicit financial support for your organization.

Designed for board-staff teams, this practical session addresses the complementary roles board members play in their organization's governance and resource development.

The session begins with a close look at board recruitment, structure, operations and culture, knowing that weak boards don't raise funds effectively. The second part of the session focuses on how to involve board members in effective fundraising.

Each participating organization will have the opportunity to work with a consultant provided by The Community Foundation for up to eight hours to implement priorities identified at the session.

To maximize effectiveness, each nonprofit must register at least four individuals to attend this workshop:

  • one staff member (preferably the Executive Director)
  • at least three Board members

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Chung.

About the presenter

Dave Sternberg, CFRM, Loring, Sternberg and Associates has considerable experience in nonprofit board development and governance work. Dave has been a fundraising professional since obtaining his B.A. degree from The Ohio State University. He is a member of the faculty at The Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University’s Fund Raising School, and is also a Senior Governance Consultant for BoardSource and is the only person in America to be affiliated with both the Lilly School of Philanthropy and BoardSource. LEARN MORE