A Scholarship Fund is a way to invest in our community's future and show students they are cared about. The Valley Community Foundation provides the expertise to help donors meet their personal goals and award scholarships.

Grants from Scholarship Funds can help students – from preschool to postgraduate – achieve their lifetime dreams.

Featured Fund: John A. Sabulis Memorial Scholarship »


After a career in teaching, John P. Sabulis dedicated part of his retirement package to establish a scholarship fund in memory of his father, John A. Sabulis.

The Class of 1940 Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2016 as a designated scholarship fund for the benefits of students from Ansonia High School.

Nina Poeta Scholarship Award Fund »


Est. 2017 by John, Dorie, and Cara Poeta.

The Louis L. Nicoletti Sr. Business Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2017 as a designated scholarship fund by Elizabeth Nicoletti to provide a scholarship to students of Ansonia High School.

Charles P. Smith Jr., Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2016 by Shelton High School

Stella Behuniak Fund »


Est. 2016 to provide scholarships to graduating students of Seymour High School

Eddy Conklin Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2016 by Edmund Conklin, Barbara Wiedmeyer-Conklin and Ashley Nicole Conklin

Brandon Giordano Football Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2015 as a scholarship fund by Angela Borrelli in memory of her son Brandon to help student achieve their academic goals.

Randall R. Holden Memorial Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2015 by W. Allen Holden and Jo-Ann Rapp Holden.

Stanley and Irene Chlebowski Memorial Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2015 as a scholarship fund by Robert A. Chlebowski and Susan Chlebowski in memory of their parents Stanley and Irene Chlebowski.

Rachel and William Brogadir Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2015 as a scholarship fund.

Michael R. McMahon Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2014 as a scholarship fund.

Derby High School Scholarship Funds »


Est. 2014 by the Derby Board of Education for the benefit of Derby High School.

Alexander George Wilson, Sr. Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2014 as a designated scholarship fund to benefit West Haven High School.

Stephen and Emily Chuckta Memorial Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2014 as a designated fund for Shelton High School to provide scholarships.

Jesse McCord Lewis Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2013 as a scholarship fund by Neil Heslin in memory of Jesse McCord Lewis.

John Sabulis Memorial Fund »


Est. 2012 as a scholarship fund by John P. Sabulis in memory of John A. Sabulis.

Joseph E. Potter Memorial Fund »


Est. 2012 as a designated scholarship fund for the benefit of Ansonia High School students.

Francis Family Fund »


Est. 2010 as a scholarship fund by Karen Francis for the benefit of Bunnell High School.

Traci L. Haines Memorial Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2008 as a scholarship fund by Frank A. Haines for graduating students from Seymour High School.

Norman K. and Janet N. Santa Fund »


Est. 2007 as a scholarship fund by Janet N. and Norman K. Santa to provide assistance to Valley students who attend trade schools.

Joseph "Jay" Amico Artistic Memorial Fund »


To provide scholarships to one or more graduating students of Ansonia High School

Vartelas-Stamos Family Funds »


Est. 2006 to honor the sacrifices made by their parents and grandparents and in 2021 to honor a beloved family member

Lou and Dolly deFilippo Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2006 to provide scholarships for Derby graduates

Joseph and Pauline Warichar Memorial Fund »


Est. 2006 as a scholarship fund by Donald and Joseph Warichar for graduating students of Derby High School.

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